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The name is Pom……

The name is Pom……


As a child (and even now!) I was always a fan of these cute little teddy bear potato snacks.  When I came across a lone ranger lying intact on the pavement yesterday I couldn’t help but to stop and take a photo seeing as I happened to be passing by with my camera.

So he went from this little guy yesterday………DSC_0040to man of the hour himself……James Bond.


albeit in teddy bear form!


Watch this space for…

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As of Sunday I have been the proud owner of a rather lovely new camera (Nikon DSLR D3200) which is far superior to anything I have ever owned previous camera-wise.  At first I was a little daunted by it’s complexity and the sheer multitude of it’s functions but after having practised with it for a few days, I’m beginning to feel a little more at ease in it’s presence.

These are my two favourite…

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All alone by the telephone.

All alone by the telephone.


Following my post yesterday, today I decided to theme what I wrote around the topic of phone boxes and, more specifically, telephone box art.  The humble British phone box may be a traditional image associated with our fair isle, yet it would also appear that it can undertake the form of many different guises.  Be prepared to be amazed as its pure versality and ability for adaption into many a…

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OMG……brand new camera!

OMG……brand new camera!

Today I went out and bought this……..

Nikon_D3200_1-580-100which makes me feel like this……..

smiley-face-wallpaper-widescreen-001but also a little bit like this…….

iStock_000016583987Small……….overwhlemed by the shear immensity of owning such a fabulous/complicated piece of equipment that I really want to be good at using……..NOW!

As you can tell I am a little impatient when it comes to things like this.  I think I’m just going to have to accept that it’s going to take some time…

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A short stroll down selfie lane

A short stroll down selfie lane

At the moment, one of my favourite website’s of all time, Photocrowd,are running a competition titled Black and White Portrait.  I am super keen to enter so at present I am busy trying to hone my photographic portraiture taking skills.  The one problem being that I am rather lacking willing models so I have had to succumb to practising with shots of myself.  Yes, it may seem a little egotistical…

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I’m feeling a bit brain whacked.

I’m feeling a bit brain whacked.

If I had the time and energy right now I would be creating a new piece on Photoshop as I’ve been taking a fair few photos recently when I’ve been out and about on my travels that I have some super ideas for.  Sometimes it feels as though I go around Photoshopping life in my head as I see it…..improving upon things, jazzing things up, making them more fun/funny/unique.  It really is quite…

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Seeing is believing?


When you look at this image what do you see?

Do you see a barren expanse of rocks through which walkers venture, mountainers climb and yogis meditate?


Or do you see this?


A few chalky pebbles on the pavement, which when enlarged by the magic of photography………..





…….and edited on the computer, becomes something entirely different altogether!

The idea for this came from something I…

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Spiders at the food bank

Spiders at the food bank

I think it must be spider season at the moment because wherever I go, either inside or out, there seems to be dozens of them building their webs and climbing up and inside pretty much everything and anything.  Many of them seemed to have developed an infatuation with my car and when it is parked out in the spot outside my apartment they seemingly cannot resist building webs between it and the…

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You’re the milk to my shake :)

You’re the milk to my shake :)

A few days ago I was doing some photography outside on the street using random objects that I found on the ground.  One such photo included some crab apples that had fallen from a nearby tree which I made into this…….



Cute huh?

I then went on to add an old straw that I found lying around.


Which then today became this……


Thank you to Photoshop for making life such fun! :)

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Kinder egg telephone!

Last Thursday I wrote a post titled ‘Pavement photography’ which included a variety of artistic shots of random litter and rubbish that I came across on the street.  On esuch photo was of an empty Kinder Egg which had been left strewn on the ground in a way that to me resembled something not dissimilar to that of a telephone.

So wallah, with the magic of Photoshop here is what I just came up…

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Lucy - The Movie

Lucy – The Movie


I just went to see the new Scarlet Johansson film yesterday evening which came out in cinemas earlier this week, titled ‘Lucy’. Not much can be learnt from the name alone in terms of genre and you could guess it to be anything from a typical rom-com to a horror to a kid’s Pixar animation. I would in fact place it within the category of action thriller and not a terribly fantastic one at that.…

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Rubbish Dayze!


My latest Photoshop attempt/masterpiece!  Such fun!  Got to love it.

The photo I took just yesterday in the street across the road from where I live.

In other news I’m getting closer to owning my very own camera.(!!!!)  I went into PC World today and spoke to one of the sales assistants there and he was able to give me some expert advice on what would best suit my needs as a newcomer to the…

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Hooray!  I have now officially bitten the bullet and gone ahead and downloaded the latest edition of Photoshop onto my computer.  I know that this will not be a decision that I will regret, especially as alongside Photoshop in the package, you get Lightroom too.  (Whatever that is……I have yet to discover!)

Anyway here is the latest of my Photoshop attempts.  This time I used a photo that was…

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Pavement photography

Yesterday afternoon………photography from the ground up.

I believe that great art can sometimes be found in the most obscure and random of places.  Simply by taking the time to stop and look around you at the everyday can sometimes reveal more than you expect and open your eyes to new possibilities.


I love the effect of old cracked paint.


Bin day.


Yicky fruit smush. :S


Tin can ring pull.




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