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Kinder egg telephone!

Last Thursday I wrote a post titled ‘Pavement photography’ which included a variety of artistic shots of random litter and rubbish that I came across on the street.  On esuch photo was of an empty Kinder Egg which had been left strewn on the ground in a way that to me resembled something not dissimilar to that of a telephone.

So wallah, with the magic of Photoshop here is what I just came up…

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Lucy - The Movie

Lucy – The Movie


I just went to see the new Scarlet Johansson film yesterday evening which came out in cinemas earlier this week, titled ‘Lucy’. Not much can be learnt from the name alone in terms of genre and you could guess it to be anything from a typical rom-com to a horror to a kid’s Pixar animation. I would in fact place it within the category of action thriller and not a terribly fantastic one at that.…

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Rubbish Dayze!


My latest Photoshop attempt/masterpiece!  Such fun!  Got to love it.

The photo I took just yesterday in the street across the road from where I live.

In other news I’m getting closer to owning my very own camera.(!!!!)  I went into PC World today and spoke to one of the sales assistants there and he was able to give me some expert advice on what would best suit my needs as a newcomer to the…

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Hooray!  I have now officially bitten the bullet and gone ahead and downloaded the latest edition of Photoshop onto my computer.  I know that this will not be a decision that I will regret, especially as alongside Photoshop in the package, you get Lightroom too.  (Whatever that is……I have yet to discover!)

Anyway here is the latest of my Photoshop attempts.  This time I used a photo that was…

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Pavement photography

Yesterday afternoon………photography from the ground up.

I believe that great art can sometimes be found in the most obscure and random of places.  Simply by taking the time to stop and look around you at the everyday can sometimes reveal more than you expect and open your eyes to new possibilities.


I love the effect of old cracked paint.


Bin day.


Yicky fruit smush. :S


Tin can ring pull.




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The colour green

As a budding photographer in the making and someone who is pretty new to it, I quite recently came across a fantastic website known as Photocrowd.  I’ve mentioned it in a post on here before but I definately think that it deserves a look at again since I have found it to provide me with not only a fantastic source of inspiration, but also it has been a great way to begin to share my own photos…

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The Art of the Can

The Art of the Can



Drinks cans can make fabulous pieces of art/subjects of photography in my opinion.

These are two photographs that I took today while I was out and about on my travels.  I happened to spot a can of Tango Apple lying crushed and forlorn on the street so, suddenly inspired, I was quick to grab it and snap away (much to some odd looks from passers by!).  I am quite pleased with the results,…

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 22

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 22

612iLU5fmAL._SX300_^^^This is the book that I got out of my local library on Tuesday when I was browsing through the art/photography section.  It’s basically a collection of pictures that were entered into a wildlife photography competition by both amateur and professional photographers from all around the world.  There were many different categories within the competition from ‘Animals in their environment’ to…

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The glowing ball of light!

The glowing ball of light!

20140726_180531 20140726_18055720140726_180516





My Dad and I went out on a walk late in the afternoon yesterday equipt with the cameras on our phones………….here are a few of the shots that I managed to take.   This is my interpretation of the sun as a glowing ball of light in the sky within touching distance!

I was able to play around with my camera for the first time properly and figure out some of the fancy tools that it has…

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Today is not this.

Today is not this.


Today is the opposite of this ^^^^, thankfully!  The sun is shining, there is a slight breeze in the air and later on I am going on a fruit picking expedition with my Dad.  Cherries, strawberries and raspberries and some photography as well if I’m lucky.

Here’s what I did last night.  It was my latest Benrik challenge (see here and here). 

20140725_214331 20140725_214354

Pretty gross, huh?

Today is day 66 of the challenge…

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Art…….french style!

Art…….french style!

20140721_162005 20140721_162020 20140721_162029

And here we are, as the French would say ‘wallah!’

This is my finished piece of art work (that I just completed today….yay!) which is centred on the trip I recently took with my sister to a lovely place in France known by the name of La Rochelle.

On my piece you will find the real La Rochelle shells that i collected on the beach whilst we were there as well as cuttings from French magazines,…

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My latest creations

20140715_154738 20140715_185039

This is the wedding anniversary card that I made for my parents earlier this week.  I used coloured cardboard, buttons, tin foil and stick-on crystal gems.  (They loved it btw!)

My Mum was also kind enough to teach me how to use her sewing machine on Monday and, although it wasn’t the most expensive and sophisticated of machines, it did me just fine for my first little go.  Here is what I…

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